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Develop the concept of the annual report of TVEL Fuel Company for 2015.
In 2015, the Fuel Division was named the most effective division of Rosatom. The Company traditionally carried out all commitments to Russian and foreign customers and also proved to be a leader in the field of labor productivity.
Efficiency became the priority subject of the report. The main part of TVEL Fuel Company is people. Precisely thanks to their work, the Company reaches high results every year, develops technologies, and raises indicators. A new annual report should tell about their deserts.
The success of a Company depends on the professionalism of its employees. They develop, analyze, create, and work on improvements in order to, as a result, present advanced technologies in the field of nuclear power engineering to the world. They are doers. And everyone makes a contribution to the success of the entire division.
What is the basis of the achievements of TVEL? To answer this question, we decided to give the floor to the employees and managers who lead the division forward — not only in word but also deed.
Therefore, the report is made in the form of a magazine, where, in the interview genre, we discover the success stories of people and the Company as a whole.
In spite of the difficult economic conditions, TVEL managed to keep its leading positions, strengthen its status in its own markets, and enter new ones.
TVEL Fuel Company reaches high results.
Thanks to people working here. Professionalism, high involvement in the process, drive to find new solutions make up the portrait of a Company specialist.
Интервью в годовом отчете «Люди дела»
JSC "TVEL" is 20 years old
The Company’s history of success is the stories of people. They tell about their growth, development, achievements — whether a person is a leader, an engineer, technologist, or a worker. Therefore, each chapter of the annual report begins with a person translation his ideas and vision the growth prospects of the Fuel Division.
In order to make the presentation of the material vivid and exciting, we performed the report using the techniques of a magazine making-up.

Texts, photos, charts, and tables are structured in such a way that complex, accurate, detailed information could be perceived as easily as possible.
The annual report of TVEL Fuel Company
The report is well-balanced in terms of compliance with the visual concept and inner content.
In this project, we exceeded the limits of the ordinary annual report and made it different — vivid, humane — without wasting words and artificial tricks.
Годовой отчет ТК «ТВЭЛ»
Doers is a magazine-report that focuses on the professional business community.
Doers is an edition about doers, and for doers who are interested in news in the field of their activity, they are eager to get up-to-date information and put it in practice.

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