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:OTVETDESIGN is branding and communications agency specializing in building effective solutions in the area of consumer and corporate branding.
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Latest News
Gold always delights us. Even if it is made of transparent plexiglass. For example, the award for the best packaging from Art Directors Club Russia for our work for the brand Normavein. Thanks to everyone involved!
It's raining outside the window, there's a concert on TV, and another Red Dot Award: Communication Design is coming to us. Life is short, art is eternal, vanity is our favorite sin.
It was SREDA
There were Gold and Bronze
Red Dot №7
First Gold ADCR
The second festival of a new design SREDA in Moscow finished. This is the only advertising and design festival in Russia that focuses on works that change our environment ...
Our Clients
We’re interested as in both multicomponent strategic goals covering all communications of a brand, as in local works with tactic goals.