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The annual report of JSC "KRET"

Develop the annual report of JSC "Concern Radioelectronic Technologies" for 2015.
A task was to reflect scientific and technical, production and technological, financial and economic results of the concern’s activity in the annual report, to show the work of JSC "KRET" not only on graphics and figures but also on stream.
Electronic protection is one of the strategic objectives of JSC "KRET". The Concern’s innovative developments enable to make military and civilian objects hidden to strangers. It is the principle that underlies the ideology and design concept of the annual report.
Packaging and cover work in tandem.
They are designed in such a way that while the annual report is in a box, to read the text on the cover is impossible.
Box and cover
The pattern on the box is the same as a text on the cover and hides it. You can see the title only after removing it out of the box.
Nowadays, most of the developments of JSC "KRET" has no analogs in the world. Concern looks farther ahead into the future and creates devices surpassing their time.
They provide considerable benefits and power. Thanks to them, one can see farther ahead, hear more, picture the situation not partially but as a whole.
Fly Titles
How Power and Knowledge work through the technologies of JSC "KRET" - we showed in fly titles. Making goals and reaching them, opening up new opportunities and embodying them into reality, the Concern works in the interests of state security. The serenity and well-being of citizens are protected by an invisible power supported by innovative scientific developments.
We created a visual effect on fly titles to embody the idea of "invisible power".
Transparent layer covering a fly title works on the same principle as the glass packaging of the report, but with lots of effects. Using a layer, you can not only hide but also detect an object, determine its affiliation and specificity.
Protection, identification, reflection, interference, detection of an enemy, and care for human health are the essential directions of the Concern’s work, which we could make available to everyone in the annual report.
Fly Titles
Makeup Concept
The report contains a huge number of technical and specific data. To simplify the perception of the material, we used the most convenient and concise form of presenting the information.
Charts and graphs resemble electronic device displays.
They (as for devices) are designed to represent important data and key indicators, so the decorative function fades into the background. Only graphics and graphs.
Interactive version of the report
After completion of the work on the printed version of the annual report, we launched an interactive version in which all technologies used for creating the paper edition were transferred to digital format.
Interactive Fly Titles
We used modern technological tools of digital makeup, which enabled to create the effect of "hiding and appearing" of the information using a scroll.
Result of the Project
During a long and careful work, we managed to realize a project that was ideologically and polygraphically complex, which was highly appreciated not only in the professional environment of engineers and technologists but also in the advertising community
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