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Development of a brand positioning and visual identification for MCS

The company has long existed in the market and is known for its innovative character. The brand has always tried to be proactive, paving the way to those business goals where everyone else will rush only tomorrow. However, the corporate identity of the brand needed to be adjusted in order to reflect its current position and ambitions more accurately.

In our century, everyone lives "with a finger on the button", when gadgets are the basic daily instruments for solving problems. Accustomed to the simplicity, convenience, and harmony of such decisions in everyday life, people implicitly expect them in business. MCS gives it to its customers. We are a gadget company. A faithful high-tech daily assistant, there are all the services you need in it. Without it is like living without hands. Everything is possible with it; just a touch is enough.

The red-yellow dot is the brandmark — a thermo track from the finger touch to the screen. All the following visual elements of brand identity repeat the plasticity of finger moves on the gadget screen. Strict thin writing balances the emotionality of the mark, emphasizes the simplicity and comprehensibility of the brand.

Convenience and ease of use — these are the key values of the corporate brand of the holding. Whether you apply for customs clearance to MCS Forwarding or you need MSC AEO logistics services or legal support for MCS Legal, real estate consulting from MCS Development, or you just need a studing of tires at MCS Studing — everyone will offer you a convenient and understandable service, the same as the mark for all the companies of the holding

In the first communication flight, we support an updated brand image, developing it for all groups of the holding. Its purpose is to identify the scope of activity of each of the units, fixing it in the minds of the target audience. The effect is achieved thanks to the development of the general technique — concise marks, individual for each course as if it is drawn with a finger on the screen.
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Other corporate branding projects