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Creation a product that moves with the times for the main audience and object of desire for a younger group of consumers of generation Z and millennials.
The Activia brand successfully maintains its stable loyal base, but the younger TA perceives Activia as a very serious, functional and "adult" brand.
a’la Botanic is a natural yogurt for a special care of an organism, with a supply of probiotics and a tea-fruit note on the palate.
This is a modern, useful and premium product that is equally suitable for a young audience, for whom appearance and relevance to current trends is as decisive as natural composition, as well for the main audience who choose Activia for its quality, expertise and taste.
We rejuvenated and refreshed the brand, while keeping key differentiating features which consumers know and love.
The design of the a’la Botanic line keeps structural integrity of a range of thermostat yoghurts and meets the new concept, relays codes of naturalness and premiumness in a verbal and visual language that is understandable for both target audiences.
We have kept the location of a large logo zone in the upper part of the package, replacing the background with the texture of a leaf, what allowed to keep the recognizable appearance of the line and at the same time to show naturalness.
The design of the food zone also answers the taste of a product itself, gives feeling of lightness, richness, taste and aesthetic diversity, simple and laid-back.
Other consumer branding projects
Other consumer branding projects