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Holiday mood made real: Illan Communications’ gift for its clients
Riding the avalanche of gifts
Come December, our clients and partners receive all kinds of different gifts. Making your gifts stand out doesn’t seem all that easy! Yet, the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to showcase our creative potential, demonstrate our skills in producing sophisticated designs, give an idea of our manufacturing excellence, flex our logistic prowess and celebrate our overall ability to come up with something truly fresh, unique and one-of-a-kind.

And, last but not least, we love and respect every client and partner we work with. This is why our task was two-fold: to come up with a stunner gift and to give our clients a holiday feeling.
When we looked at gifts from the perspective of the receiver, we made a very simple discovery: even the most expensive gift connects with only one of the five senses. Meanwhile, a holiday mood is made up by a synergy of senses. It is a full-scale stereo experience that invokes visual images, relies on the magical power of touch, tickles the taste buds, engages the olfactory system and also taps into sounds.

We used this idea of a stereo holiday mood as the reference point for creating the most unique gift you’ve ever seen.
A pyramid of senses
The five main senses help activate the sixth sense — the holiday mood. This holiday mood formula was crystalized in our gift. A pyramid-shaped box opens up to reveal five presents for each of the five senses — they are like five pieces of a puzzle that come together to usher in a wave of emotions and turn the holiday into a truly unique experience. The person who has received the gift explores each item inside, one after the other, and at the same time explores one’s inner self as the contents of the box softly pull at their heartstrings.
Gift box design
What holds the items together can hardly be referred to as ‘gift box'. Indeed, it is rather the main part of the gift. A unique paperboard pyramid opens up to reveal the entities concealed within. With just one flick, the pyramid turns into an Advent calendar and a brain teaser you’ll instantly get hooked on. And once closed, the box will be an excellent display piece you’ll never want to sit at the back of the cupboard gathering dust.
Visual language
We designed the pyramid gift box with this idea in mind that a gift needs to work on every level of perception and tap into the subconscious. The Latin names of the senses turned into incantations. The 3D gold details make sure that the gift appeals to tactile curiosity — as soon as you touch it, you instantly want to explore it with both your eyes and your fingers. Finally, the AI-aided illustrations help turn the holiday extravaganza up to the max.
What’s inside
All of the items hidden inside the pyramid were selected for a reason and each is a thing of its own. To stimulate the sense of touch, there is a bracelet with a secret message in Morse Code. To tangle the taste buds, there is a handful of toffee candy with an enticing contrast of caramel sweetness and sea salt. To tickle the nostrils, there is a fragrant room spray with a scent that is as delicate as it is discreet. To engage the hearing in the mesmerizing kaleidoscope of senses, there is a porcelain clock quietly ticking away. To see the holiday, there is our unique selection of movies with a Wink streaming service membership included. And when the five senses blend into a cohesive holiday experience, it just comes like a flash and it feels like someone lit a candle in a dark room. This is why the centerpiece of the gift — the sixths present that takes the holiday spirit to a totally new level — is a candle.
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