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Identity and advertising development
for the new residential community Graffiti.
The building market of St. Petersburg is full of offers from developers of the so-called affordable housing — in the middle and slightly lower than the average price category. At the same time, everyone’s communications are very similar: the price offer, and sometimes the address comes to the fore.
The target audience is those who are looking for a purchase option for
affordable housing. Moreover, who do it using their heads
The Graffiti residential community gave an impression of an ambitious project from the very beginning. Despite the availability of the object, the infrastructure was thought out in it, and typical of a higher price category services were created. Halls with storage rooms for strollers and bicycles; rooms for washing shoes, wheels and paws of pets; free wi-fi in the courtyards; social and household infrastructure for the new community was provided. The project was clearly more extensive than the typical market option — "a box with cut into squares of apartments".
The thoughtfulness of the object, its high detailing, and the general position of the developer formed the basis of the proposed strategy. We simply put into words the ideology that the brand had, but never really been verbalized.

A house is not just walls. Because life is not just an existence. A well-thought-out project should include a lot of additional, very important nuances. Giving a rather large amount of money or going into a mortgage for ten years, a person has the right to rely not only on a roof over his head but on convenience, comfort and thoughtful life.
The set strategy was supposed to a purely "down-to-earth" communications. There should be no abstraction and blue-eyed children from photo stocks. Each message is by cause. Behind each promise — real facts, meters, pluses. The project has a lot of concrete arguments that clearly demonstrate its position: "A house is not just walls." In the first flight of the advertising campaign, step by step, all the important pluses of the object were demonstrated: the presence of a washing area for dogs and strollers, a green area, free public wi-fi areas and so on. It was fundamentally important that none of the models of the line to be just image so that each message should perform a specific information load.
Over the course of the year, the line did an excellent job. However, in the fall of 2014, the first wave of the financial crisis occurred. The brand had to react promptly to reassure current customers and attract new ones in a hurry to invest money, protecting them from inflation securely. The chosen platform "A house is not just walls" received its logical development in the next anti-crisis, flight advertising campaign. A house is a protection, peace of mind for yourself and your family. A reliable developer and your own home — this is what inspires confidence even in the most unstable times.
A House Is Not Just Walls
A voluminous logo with many color spots conveys the idea of a "not flat" approach to the business. Bright color spots that emphasize the individuality of the residential community are balanced by the strict way of writing of the object name.
The global thesis "A house is not just walls" was developed in a series of shields. On them, we step by step illustrate the advantages that distinguish Graffiti from competitors. The name of the new house itself sets the visual style that refers us to the character of street art: free composition, lots of details, the use of textures, splashes, and spots of paint.
Isolation of the weak part in market communications and the creation of their own unique niche is a project for thoughtful people.
Successful work with the given brand name. Keeping brightness and originality an excessive touch of youth and a frivolous attitude to the business has been removed from it.
The correct selection of the desired intonation. With all the logic and functionality of the company messages, they are made in a vivid, human manner, which allows speaking with the consumer on equal terms.
Creating a long-term conceptual strategy that allows you to step by step broadcast all the advantages of the project, but does not create an artificial framework.
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