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Development the brand and packaging design for baked chicken.

A fundamentally new product for the market, there were no analogs in Russia before. Useful as boiled; tasty as fried; ruddy as grilled — such chicken was supposed to form a new niche. The main problem was precisely the power of the product — its uniqueness. Talking about its features and advantages should be exclusively through the packaging — a limited budget did not imply additional communications.

Conveying the idea of a unique technology of cooking the product precisely and clearly. The chicken is firstly baked in its own juice, and then placed in an infrared tunnel with a high-temperature mode — this gives it a golden-brown crust.

Getting away from an industrial grilled chicken that has a terrible image of a cheap low-quality product.
Chicken meat is considered as a healthy product. It is low in fat, high in protein, low in calories, and high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids. However, few people know that all these features concerns solely boiled chicken meat or baked in its own juice.
The target audience of the product is people with an income above the average living an active life and not having free time to cook. At the same time, they are attentive to their health — sausages and grilled chicken do not meet their requirements. The niche of useful meat ready-to-cook products was empty.

The crisis changes the consumer culture. The poorest segments of the people have to decline certain categories of products or choose brands of lower quality. However, for the middle and higher classes, health is one of the key values — they do not save on it. The target audience does not change the level of its basic consumer basket but becomes more selective in buying.
We offered the brand a "speaking" functional name — 648 degrees. At this temperature, the product spends 3 minutes in an infrared tunnel that allows you to achieve a golden crust without using a grill and oil.
The packaging of the chicken came out just as functional.
The main communicative effect is achieved in this case not even with a label, but with innovative packaging material. It is a foil. The material, on the one hand, emphasizes the technology of chicken cooking: it is used for baking products at home; and on the other hand, it shows the innovative brand character: the product looks very modern in it.
The label keeps on the set current design vector.
The restrained black color perfectly contrasts with the primary material, and the concise makeup clearly conveys the information about the cooking technology and product ingredients.
High product sales are already at the start, without extra marketing budget support.
Increased sales due to buzz marketing and customer activity on social media: many people shared photos of a fantastic product with friends.
Thanks to innovative packaging, the brand easily gets to the shelves of markets and lux stores that follow the policy of goods selection.
Customer loyalty associated with highly recognizable packaging and excellent product quality.
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